Security Awareness

Everything you need for successful Cybersecurity Awareness

Security Awareness Training

These sessions have a very high X-factor. Our hackers cover the basics of cyber-awareness as well as target group-specific topics. We do this on location, online, or hybrid.

Security Awareness Board

Get a clear picture of how cybercrime can affect your company and what you can do about it as a board of directors. 

Security Awareness Staff

Everyone can participate from receptionist to CEO. After this session you can easily recognize and report daily computer risks.

Secure Teleworking

Working from home is the new standard, but also brings a lot of new risks! After the session, teleworkers know how to telework safely.

Security Awareness Team

Run a successful campaign that "sticks". We go through all stages from A to Z. So you can get started yourself. 

Security Awareness Managers

Learn how, as a role model, you can guide your team in the fight against cybercrime and play a more active role to keep your business safe.

Security Awareness IT Professionals

Detailed session on the latest cyber risks, hacking techniques and what measures you can take as an IT professional.

Security Awareness Developers

Learn how to develop secure code according to the principle "security by design" and with the OWASP 10.

Phishing Awareness

We enable all participants to recognize suspicious messages in time and report them to IT in order to prevent cyber misery. 

Each session is full of relevant live hacking examples because seeing is believing. These are memorable sessions for all participants who will talk about it for a long time to come! 

Because your company is unique, we are happy to discuss which focus topics are suitable for your specific target group. After all, you know your employees best!

Security Awareness Elearning

Our security awareness eLearning offers your staff the possibility to follow training modules on security awareness when, where, and from any device that suits them best. 

Elearning Library

Our e-learning library is inexhaustible in the field of cybersecurity awareness content and is even suitable for varied multi-year paths. 

Custom Made

Based on your content we create your own e-learning modules, fully personalized. Modules can also be adapted later on.


We convert your modules into different languages so that everyone can view the e-learning in their own language.

PPT Conversion

We convert your existing awareness PowerPoint presentations into flashy e-learning modules that meet your requirements.


Highly informative security awareness videos with a humorous slant. The video series is funny, relevant and recognizable.

After a cybersecurity culture scan, we put together the most suitable e-learning trajectory for your target group. We discuss this together because you know your people best!

To measure is to know! Our e-learning has real-time reporting. This way you know immediately who has made progress and who needs to be adjusted.

Security Awareness Live Hacking

The live hack sessions impress all viewers and are an ideal attention-getter at the beginning of your security awareness campaign.

Hacking Audience

Under the motto "seeing is believing" our hacker explains how a hacker works, with demonstrations!

Hacking Staff

Our hackers can be hired to hack your staff while they are at work. The colleagues are hacked on the spot.

Guest Speaker

A passionate hacker provides an inspiring session at your event or meeting. Suitable for a real experience.

It is important to mention that during these demonstrations we do not go beyond demonstrating that hacking can take place without actually stealing data (that is illegal).

Security Awareness Games

We will activate your staff with the power of the game. We put security awareness on wheels or stick it in a joystick.

Escape Room

Small groups are hacked into the escape room truck for half an hour. During the escape game all aspects of cyber-awareness will be discussed.

Digital Games

The Games increase retention up to 90 times more than traditional training methods alone. The games can always be played.

Online Quiz

A corona-proof alternative to traditional Christmas or New Year drinks. Makes your team meetings interactive, instructive and super fun.

The ultimate goal is to make all participants in the game aware of digital dangers and cybercrime - but in an unforgettable way!

Security Culture Scan

Measure, know, and adjust where necessary

Whether you're planning a training course, e-learning or a video series, it's always interesting to know where you stand. With our scan we gather evidence about your current security culture and how it changes over time through research-based measurements.