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Small Business enemy #1 in 2017: Ransomware

Ransomware is a popular form of cyber crime that is increasingly used by cyber criminals. It is a type of malware that makes your systems and files unavailable and takes them hostage in exchange for ransom. That often results in operational downtime and high repair costs. Known variants are cryptolocker, crysis or Cerber.

The ransom virus is mainly spread through phishing ('fishing' by email for login credentials). Phishing or fake emails are not new but they are harder to recognize these days which creates major problems for SMEs. Earlier we've seen many language and spelling errors in those emails but that's no longer the case.

Don't be a hostage

The ransom and disrupted services cause extensive financial damage. In some cases, data will be lost permanently. But how do you avoid such a disaster?
How can you prevent that one click on the wrong link puts your entire business on hold or makes all your data publc? We see that SME's that implemented cybersecurity solutions and are actively doing security awareness are much better armed against cybercrime than others. There is a quick ROI because they are no longer ransomware victims.


The anti-virus scanner that runs at many SMEs is no longer sufficient. It gives a false sense of security because zero-day ransomware can fly right through it. It is like locking the front door whilst all windows remain open. A thief can easily break in and the same is true for your computer and your files. Cybercriminals follow the news and they use the latest techniques. They scan the Internet looking for open windows and it does not matter to them who they attack as long as they can pick up their money. Hence, individuals, SMEs or large corporations are attacked at random but it is the little ones that suffer the most since their security is lower. We can help here.

We give advice and help in taking the appropriate action on these three levels: company network, computer systems and users.

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Protect the company network

Protecting your network layer is your first line of defense. Your network connects your business directly with the outside world (the Internet). Without an Anti-Ransomware protection you put all the doors wide open for digital mischief. It is therefore necessary that you monitor and check on all incoming traffic as well as all network traffic that is circulating within your corporate network. Our solutions provide a complete Anti-Ransomware network layer tailored to your company!

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Secure computers and servers

As a second line of protection you can apply an Anti-Ransomware layer to all hosts (mobile devices, computers and servers). End-user mobility and cloudification have changed the network perimeter in which IT security took place. We still work from the office, but also on the road, in a restaurant, from home and actually everywhere we have access to the Internet. Therefore, documents and devices must be protected regardless of network location. Standard anti-virus packages are no longer sufficient to protect.

#1 Anti-Ransomware solutions and Ransomware data recovery

"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked"

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#1 anti-ransomware oplossingen

Train your employees

Ransomware is always activated through a human act, whether it is through downloading an email attachment or by clicking an infected URL. Therefore, it is crucial to train your staff and provide them the necessary information consciousness (awareness). e-Learning modules and automated phishing emails will educate users and learn them how to recognize and handle Ransomware messages. You can compile your own program from our various Security Awareness building blocks, such as engaging workshops, innovative e-learning modules, phishing tests and security games. We conduct complete campaigns for our clients - small or large - and report the results.

Take action. Protect your business with Anti-Ransomware solutions

The time to act is now if you don't want to end up at the mercy of a hacker

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