Proactive Cybersecurity Services

Welcome to Sectricity's Proactive Cybersecurity Services portfolio!

At Sectricity, we take a different approach to cybersecurity. Our team of experts ethically hack companies to identify and close security vulnerabilities. By using our extensive knowledge of hacker tricks and techniques, we ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

But it doesn't stop there. We believe that cybersecurity is not just about fixing vulnerabilities; it's also about empowering your employees to be your first line of defense. That's why we offer experience-based security awareness training. Our training programs provide your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and respond to potential threats effectively.

Our Proactive Cybersecurity Services portfolio is designed to offer comprehensive protection for your organization. It includes:

  1. Ethical Hacking: Our experts use their in-depth understanding of hacker techniques to identify and address vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them. By adopting a hacker's perspective, we help you stay one step ahead.
  2. Security Awareness: We provide tailored security awareness programs to educate your employees on the latest cyber threats, best practices, and strategies to maintain a secure working environment.
  3. Ethical Phishing: We simulate real-world phishing attacks to assess your organization's susceptibility to social engineering tactics. This allows us to pinpoint areas that require additional training and reinforcement.
  4. Hacker Detection Kit: We offer a comprehensive toolkit that includes cutting-edge technologies for monitoring and detecting potential hacker activities. This proactive approach allows you to identify and respond swiftly to any security breaches.
  5. Security Credit Packages: Our customizable credit packages provide you with ongoing support and assistance, ensuring that your cybersecurity measures are continuously updated and optimized.
  6. Security Workshops: Our interactive workshops bring cybersecurity awareness to life, equipping your team with practical skills to protect sensitive information, detect potential threats, and respond effectively in critical situations.

Ethical Hacking

External Pen Test (black)
Internal Pen Test (white)
Combined Pen Test (grey)
Red Teaming

Ethical Hacking

We thoroughly inspect your company network and map out all security leaks to fix. Compare it to a burglar checking your house for weak spots. They know best where to look, right?

Hacker Detection Kit

Hacker Warning
Collecting Evidence
Intervention Support
Free Trial Version

Hacker Detection Kit

We intercept hackers that are in your corporate network that you don't know about. That way, you can shut them down before they make off with your data.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness Training
Anti-Phishing Training
Security Awareness Games
Security Awareness Program

Cybersecurity Awareness

We approach your staff from the perspective of a hacker. Because "seeing is believing," we deliver real-life security awareness experiences that stick! And that's the key to your success.

Security Packages

Social Engineering
Security Awareness
Ethical Hacking
Custom Package

Security Packages

To make it easy for businesses, we have created packages that allow you to schedule services on demand for available credits. Of course, we listen to what YOU want.

Ethical Phishing

Email Phishing Test
SMS Phishing Test
Phone Phishing Test
Mystery Guest

Ethical Phishing

We train your staff to recognize all possible phishing attacks by sending them simulations. In this way, we reduce cyber risks by as much as 65%, and better protect your business from hackers.

Security Workshops

Hands-on Pentest
Threat Modeling
Security Risk Scan
Workshops on Request

Security Workshops

We offer approachable workshops that are to-the-point and fully tailored to your environment. These allow you to give your company an immediate cyber security boost.

Sectricity stands apart with its unique proactive cybersecurity approach. We work from a hacker's perspective, constantly evolving our techniques to stay ahead of emerging threats. With Sectricity, you can trust that your organization is equipped with the latest strategies and tools to defend against cyberattacks.

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