Ethical Phishing

Effective team exercises on Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing

Phishing is the most popular way to hack businesses. As a result, the damage done to businesses by ransomware is increasing every year. By simulating all possible phishing attacks we test and train your staff. How alert do they react to Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing?

Intake Call
Setup and Test
Phishing Campaign
Detailed Reporting
  • Discussing your campaign
  • Select personalized template
  • Choosing custom domain
  • Whitelisting
  • Setup campaign server
  • Sending a test email or SMS
  • Starting your campaign
  • Spread over time
  • Tracking of clicks
  • Contextual reporting
  • Personal debriefing
  • Recommendations

E-mail Phishing Test

Email Phishing

We send fake emails to your employees to test click behavior. You'll be assigned a campaign leader and together we'll discuss the choice of templates, domains, landing pages, and the phishing period.

After the whitelisting and testing, the phishing campaign can start!

Final Result

After a few of our phishing exercises, the cyber risks at our customers are significantly reduced! This can vary from an average improvement of 35% to 65% in some cases.

We are very proud of this and the figures show that our approach pays off. Do not hesitate to contact our hackers to protect your business from bad hackers as well.

SMS Phishing Test


Hackers no longer limit themselves to e-mail, but also use text messages and various chat services such as Whatsapp or messenger.

Test your employees and choose an SMS phishing simulation. Use our standard template or choose a custom SMS.

Final Result

Intensive smartphone users are hacked even more than office workers via their laptops. This is because the fake links on a smartphone are more difficult to detect.

The results of SMS phishing are neatly presented in an extensive report. This way you know exactly which gaps in the security or awareness of the company you need to tackle.

Phone Phishing Test


Are your employees resistant to hackers calling them? Vishing, also known as voice phishing or phone hacking, is a rapidly growing form of social engineering.

Our hackers will call your staff to get as much data as possible from them over the phone.

Final Result

It's amazing how much confidential and company-specific information they share with strangers in one short conversation...

The vishing calls are followed by an extensive report. This way, you know exactly which gaps in corporate security or awareness you need to address.