Cyber Security Truck

Unique and fun Mobile Security Escape Room at every location.

No time or desire to move around for a fun security awareness session? Then we just drive our Cyber Security Awareness Escape Truck to you!

Our mobile Security Escape Room can be rented for one or more days. In participant groups of 2 to 8 people, your employees will be hacked for half an hour. In the cyber attacks, various topics of cyber awareness are processed such as recognizing phishing emails, unknown USB sticks, ransomware ransom money to pay and other malware to eventually be able to crack the code of our Escape Truck.


In fact, the participants are faced with choices that they may also encounter in the workplace, or when they work from home.

After this unique experience, the participants will get a short follow-up session together with our ethical hackers go over what went right and what went wrong. These extremely instructive sessions are tailored to the participants' groups and are in line with our Security Awareness Training.

Requirements: enough parking space on your premises and employees who are eager to crack our Escape Truck.


The ultimate goal is to make all participants of the game aware of digital dangers and cybercrime - but in an unforgettable way!

Cyber Security Escape Truck Sectricity
Cybersecurity Awareness Escape Room
cyber crime escape room

Our philosophy is to let IT Security Awareness training be fully experienced from a hacker's perspective. No boring PowerPoint, but passionate hackers at their best! Every training session is packed with practical examples and live hacking moments - that stick!

For what occasion?

Awareness action among staff

Ideal teambuilding activity

Informative customer or relationship day

How to order?

Please state the following in your request for quotation:

  1. The desired day(s) - this way we can reserve our Escape Truck for you in time
  2. Determine which target groups you want to approach (important for the short sessions afterwards)
  3. Determine the number of participant groups

Keep in mind that you need to plan ahead to have our Cyber Security Escape Truck with you on your company car park. So be on time and contact us today for more information!


  • Various security risks are addressed
  • Learning session adapted to participant group
  • Super-tensioning and in between work
  • Possible at any location


  • Security Awareness
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Privacy Awareness
  • On request

Connect with our ethical hackers today!


Call: Belgium +32 9 298 05 85 or Netherlands +31 85 888 16 44

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