Ethical Hacking

Ranging from inspecting your corporate network to Red Teaming

Hackers are creative and are often one step ahead of their victims. You can engage our ethical hackers to inspect and analyze your network infrastructure and systems. With their findings, they help to make your digital environment more secure.

Possible Ethical Hacks

Company Network

We check whether hackers can penetrate your internal network and also whether malicious employees or visitors can misuse data from within.

Web Applications

Websites, e-shops, portals or CRM systems are a gateway from the Internet to sensitive data. We identify all vulnerabilities and advise on measures to be taken.


Hackers can easily get in via WiFi. The signal is then picked up outside by criminals so that they can hack remotely and quietly without being noticed.

Software Defined Radio

More and more communication between our systems is wireless. Software Defined Radio (SDR) has increased the risks enormously. We map out everything (think of IoT devices).


Industrial control systems and SCADA are connected to internet and corporate networks but do not have optimal security. We check this thoroughly. 

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps process sensitive data and are linked to other (web) services in various ways. We test all possible connections of the devices and services.

Compliance Audits

A pen test is often a mandatory part of an ISO 27001 or GDPR certification process. We thoroughly check whether you meet all the requirements.

Cloud Security

Your company works in the cloud. But are the links to your own environment safe? Maybe they create unforeseen security holes?

Other Hacking Services

Red Teaming

We conduct realistic cyber-attacks, using state-of-the-art hacking techniques, to test your security. The physical world is combined with the digital. All this so that you are prepared for a real attack.


Teleworking and migrations to the cloud allow staff to work flexibly from different locations. In the process, little consideration has been given to security risks. The check-ups detect all security leaks in your cloud environment.

Mystery Guest

How far does an unannounced visitor physically get into your company? We come on-site incognito, test it out and deliver a comprehensive report.

Forensic Research

If you are a victim of a cyber intrusion or ransomware, we track down the hacking path trying to find the malware so that you can restore the security of your network.

Hack-proof Tools

We have online backups, cyber insurance, the most efficient anti-ransomware scanner and a security score to check the digital footprint of your own company and your suppliers.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Through proactive and in-depth forensic analysis you can check if you have been hacked and if there are systems that leak information.

With this formula, we test in the traditional way whether your IT security is sufficient to exclude hackers. At a fixed rate, our pen testers perform a black box, grey box or white box. You are in good hands. All our testers work with a code of ethics and they are all top in terms of human insight and creativity. That is crucial for a good test.


The tester doesn't get any information in advance, just like in real life.

So he puts himself in the shoes of a real hacker.


Some information is made available here, such as login details.

So the tester puts itself in the shoes of an informed hacker or malicious insider.


In this test, full disclosure is given in advance, such as source code.

With this method, more complex and well-hidden vulnerabilities can be found.

With our formula "No cure No pay" we are pioneers in the ethical hacking world and as a small or medium-sized company, you can only win! If our hackers don't find any mistakes, you don't pay anything. If they do find mistakes, you pay a predetermined rate.


You meet the hacker in advance. So you always know who is hacking and when.

You also always know in advance how much will be charged.


If no bugs or data leaks are found, the service costs nothing.

So you can also work with low budgets top security.


After the assignment, the ethical hacker will discuss the results with you.

Moreover, he will give your company a clear cybersecurity score.

Pricing NCNP based on Criticality and Predefined Bugs

Low urgency (K4)

Criticality from 0 to
€ 0,- per error

Medium urgency (K3)

Criticality from 25 to
€ 250,- per error

High urgency (K2)

Criticality from 50 to
€ 750,- per error

Very critical (K1)

Criticality from 75 to
€ 1250,- per error

All tests are performed in a very thorough and professional manner and according to the CVSS standard.

All tests are performed in a very thorough and professional manner and according to the CVSS standard.