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Nicolaas den Hoed Carglass Belron Sectricity

Nicolaas den Hoed

Information Security at Carglass

Our security awareness program is running smoothly, thanks to the excellent guidance of Sectricity. The program provides employees with the information they need to stay safe online, and the CEO video reinforces the importance of security at all levels. Highly recommended!

Geert Dauwe ILvA

Geert Dauwe

Department Head of IT at ILvA

Sectricity's hands-on pentesting workshop gave us a professional pentest and valuable experience to secure our business in the future. Their hands-on approach aligns with their other services, allowing us to learn by doing and kill two birds with one stone!

Jerry Gielis Gudrun Sectricity Phishing Smishing Security Awareness

Jerry Gielis

Director ICT at Gudrun

Thanks to Sectricity's proposed phishing security awareness track, we were able to measure progress in security awareness among all our employees. The targeted security awareness trainings had a direct impact on the initial risk factor and the approach taken was very satisfactory.

Donaat Dieryck Voka Security Awareness Sectricity

Donaat Dieryck

Digitalization Coordinator at Voka

Voka was looking for a way to create cybersecurity awareness among Flemish companies. The choice fell on Sectricity's mobile Security Awareness Escape Room as the ideal solution. With this interactive activity, employees of Flemish companies were informed about cybersecurity in a fun and unique way.

Richard Curvers Toyota Boshoku Europa Sectricity

Richard Curvers

Manager IT at Toyota Boshoku Europe

Our employees were thrilled with the many interactive examples and real-life situations in the trainings. They were real eye openers with a positive impact on the employees' awareness of their "online" presence. Sectricity achieved all objectives with ease!

Aliplast Eddy Van Assche Sectricity

Eddy Van Assche

ICT Manager at Aliplast

Our IT department uses Sectricity's hacker detection kit to safeguard our internal network from potential threats. Once set up, the kit operates automatically and has proven to be highly effective in identifying and trapping any hackers who attempt to penetrate our cybersecurity defenses.

Filip Olaerts TUI Sectricity

Filip Olaerts

IT Security & Compliance Manager at TUI

TUI needed a domain specific and exciting security awareness training for the TUI development teams. Sectricity's flexible and professional attitude enabled us to train all local teams in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain at short notice. The campaign was a great success!

Wim Mostmans Ambassify Sectricity

Wim Mostmans

CTO & Security Officer at Ambassify

Employee advocacy platform Ambassify has 500,000 users, many of them at financial institutions. Sectricity successfully conducted a privacy security audit to make sure there were no vulnerabilities. They did an excellent job and produced a clear report. This gives us the peace of mind to present it to our customers with confidence!

Bart De Clercq

Bart Declercq

IT Project Manager at C-Power

Sectricity's management and staff training was a success, fitting perfectly with C-Power's security awareness strategy. Both management and participants were enthusiastic. Highly recommended for any modern company.

Kris Rottiers

Kris Rottiers

Independent Advisor at Van Dessel insurance Brokers

When Van Dessel Insurance Brokers verified that one of their customers could be hacked, Sectricity proved that even the best security can be breached. Through solar panels. Creative approach and thus passed the assignment with brio!

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