About Us

Cybersecurity always on edge!

Sectricity protects companies from hackers by fixing cybersecurity leaks and maximising employee security awareness.

We ethically hack employees, corporate networks, and web and mobile applications to find all the data and security holes in your cyber defenses. A 100% independent report provides an overview of all measures to be taken and designated awareness training based on urgency.

As ethical hackers, we know better than anyone where and how companies are hacked. It is our mission to use this knowledge to put your cybersecurity on edge!

Since 2017, we have been a reliable partner for numerous Belgian and Dutch companies from the most diverse sectors.

Yves Van Tongerloo
Yves Van Tongerloo
Preben Ver Eecke
Preben Ver Eecke
Frederic Tollens
Frederic Tollens

Focus on the human aspect of Cybersecurity

Although some companies are armed from head to toe with cybersecurity solutions, they are simply hacked. 

That's because 90% of all hacking is the result of human error. Whether it's due to a lack of cybersecurity awareness on the part of the staff, or holes in IT security (which is also set up by humans).

We solve this problem by offering original and attractive cybersecurity awareness sessions that really stick. And on the other hand, we test and validate companies to deliver a clear score on how their business environment scores against hackers.

Independent testing and training

Unlike other security companies, Sectricity works 100% independently of IT vendors. This means that we have no interest in flattery and are not colored in our final reports.

We do not cover up errors or misconfigurations during our tests out of shame or fear of damaging our reputation. We objectively and unabashedly expose the security vulnerabilities of your corporate networks and employees, at any time.

Then we give solution-oriented advice on how to close them. Everyone knows that you cannot be a forester and a poacher at the same time when it comes down to thorough inspection...

Passion for quality and innovation

In everything we do, we are driven by a boundless drive for quality. That's why we work together for each customer in small, specialized, self-managing teams. We keep the lines short so we can achieve the best results.

Innovation and technology are just as important to us at Sectricity! That's why we think it's important that all teams use the latest techniques to stay one step ahead of hackers and let our customers enjoy this.