At Sectricity, we want to empower our teams to take control of their work and make decisions that move our company forward. This is why we have chosen a self-directed teams structure throughout our organization. Each hacker team determines how to achieve the best results for each client based on their own specializations.

Why do we choose self-directed teams?

We believe that self-directed teams have several benefits that can move our company forward. By giving our teams the autonomy to make decisions and take ownership of their work, we can increase employee motivation and engagement. In addition, self-directed teams have better communication and collaboration, allowing us to achieve our goals more efficiently. Furthermore, self-directed teams can adapt more easily to changes in the work environment because they are not constrained by traditional hierarchical structures.

With our direct approach, we not only ensure the highest level of transparency and flexibility but also assure each client that the best specialist is always working on their company-specific project. Our self-managing teams guarantee a unique approach for each company.

What does this mean for customers and employees?

The introduction of self-directed teams means that our clients can expect to work with highly motivated, engaged, and autonomous teams. By giving our teams the freedom to make decisions and take control of their work, we can deliver more innovative and creative solutions that meet our customers' needs. Furthermore, by giving our teams control over their work, we can increase accountability and improve productivity.

  • For clients, it means that the specialist team involved in their project is directly approachable through short lines of communication and delivers the best possible results.
  • For our hackers, it means that they have the freedom to arrange their work as they see fit and can always excel with their specialist knowledge and experience.

At Sectricity, we believe that self-directed teams are the key to moving our company forward and providing our customers and employees with the best possible service. By empowering our teams to take ownership of their work, we can create a more productive, innovative, and engaged workforce that is fully focused on the needs of our clients and employees.

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