Sectricity is a self-managing organization. This means that our teams are responsible for their own work and decide for themselves how they achieve their results. As a result, our customers are assured of short lines of communication and a high degree of flexibility.

Why do we opt for self-management?

The step to self-management is obvious. The demands of business customers have changed significantly in recent years. Even IT professionals are no longer waiting for a classic, hierarchical way of working.

In order to be able to respond to these changes, it is not tenable to continue working within old structures. That's why we work with self-managing teams that each form a small company, as it were, per project.

What does this mean for customers and collaborators?

For customers, it means that we are always directly approachable and involved in their project. Moreover, it is always clear to them who is responsible for what.

For our collaborators, self-management means that they have the freedom to organise their work as they see fit in order to give the best of themselves. There is no boss or manager, but a coach who provides guidance when needed.