Security Awareness Teams

What to expect?

This training is ideal if you are considering starting a security awareness campaign for your company. The training will map out the basics of IT security and day-to-day risks so you can create and manage a successful Security Awareness Program step by step.


After this training, you will be able to start a program tailored to your company, a program that will "stick" with your staff.

Target groups

This training is given by experts in an easy and understandable way so that non-technical people can easily understand how to start a security awareness program. Security Awareness Team is an interactive training.


  • Introduction to security awareness
  • Best practices:
    • Behavioral change as an end goal
    • Consistency and recognizability
    • Involve everyone
    • Steps of behavioral change
  • Putting together a program
  • Building blocks
  • Implementation and evaluation
  • Measuring effectiveness


Here you can request available data for an Awareness Team training at your office. The training is given by experienced awareness professionals.


Do you want to follow the training in a place that suits you? Then this online formula is the perfect solution! The training is given by experienced awareness professionals.

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