Security Awareness for IT Professionals

What to Expect?

The fast-growing development of the digital world brings with it various challenges, especially in the area of cybersecurity. This training will cover the latest cyber risks, hacking techniques, and the measures you can take as an IT professional. We'll map out the current status of your business and provide advice on cybersecurity concerns.


After this training, as an IT professional, with the new insights, you will be better able to analyze your company's information security in more detail and take the right actions in the fight against cybercrime.

Target audience

This session is led by experienced ethical hackers and is designed exclusively for IT professionals. Both junior profiles and advanced IT professionals are welcome. Security Awareness for IT Professionals is an interactive training course.


  • Cybersecurity for IT professionals
  • Information security in the workplace
  • Latest hacking techniques and everyday risks (phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, malware, viruses, deep fakes, ...)
  • Security and privacy for email use, internet, and mobile devices
  • User responsibilities
  • Strong passwords

Our philosophy is to let IT Security Awareness training be fully experienced from a hacker's perspective. No boring PowerPoint, but passionate hackers at their best! Every training session is packed with practical examples and live hacking moments - that stick!


Here you can request available data for an IT Professionals security awareness training at your office. This training is given by ethical hackers.


Do you want to follow the training in a place that suits you? Then this online formula is the perfect solution! This training is given by ethical hackers.

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