Code of Ethics

We work with the same principles and techniques as unethical hackers, with the difference that we help your company protect its people, infrastructure, and business information rather than exploit it. We are on the good side and work with a strict code of ethics.

We always hack with the approval and knowledge of our customers. Our ethical hackers perform their duties defensively and in a controlled manner to minimize risk to customers' systems or networks. 

Finding and resolving security leaks

We find vulnerabilities through a group of talented and professional ethical hackers who love computers, encryption, Star Wars and finding security holes in IT environments.

Whether it's computer code, your staff or your online work processes, we test them all. Yes, we do it ethically and our team members are all sincere citizens.

Once we've tested the security of your systems and processes, we'll help you fix the errors we've discovered so that malicious hackers won't be able to abuse them in the future.

100% transparency guaranteed

Before we hack ethically, there's contact with the hacker himself. This way you always know who is hacking and when. The hacker makes sure he understands your IT environment (systems and network) before he hacks.

During the ethical hacking, our hackers maintain communication with our customers. We communicate all relevant information we have found about the systems or network.

This transparency ensures that you always know what is going on and enables you to take the necessary actions to secure your systems or network.

Commitments are maintained

We always work within the predetermined scope of the assignment and never exceed this limit.

Even if there is an opportunity to access systems outside the target areas of the assignment, we always remain within the target areas of the systems or network specified in the work agreement. So we never go beyond our scope.

Confidentiality of data

After performing the ethical hacking we never pass on customer information to other parties.

We guarantee discretion and only focus on the optimal security of your systems and network.

Ensuring a safer cyberworld

Any company that uses our ethical hacking ensures that their infrastructure, information and personnel are less likely to be hacked.

While there are no guarantees in this world, our ethical hackers always give the very best and impartial advice to make your business safer. As the number of companies using ethical hacking increases, so does the level of cybersecurity.