Phishing Awareness Training

Do you want your staff knows how to recognize suspicious messages in time to prevent cyber woes? Do you want your employees do not (any longer) in the trap of hackers?Then this Phishing Awareness training is exactly what you are looking for! During the training all indicators of a phishing e-mail will be discussed and each indicator will be illustrated with numerous recent examples. And it is not just a prince from Nigeria who promises millions!

After the training, the participants will be able to pick out fake emails and notify the IT department. This prevents cyber damage and your staff becomes an active component of IT security.

This training is provided in an accessible way by experienced security experts so that non-technical people can easily understand how to recognize fraudulent e-mails.


You can register here for the classroom Phishing Awareness training. Find a suitable date and reserve your place quickly! You work with your fellow students on various assignments under the guidance of a teacher.


Do you want to follow the training online in a place that suits you? Then this virtual class-room formula is the perfect solution! Just like in the classroom training you receive assignments and you work under the guidance of a teacher.

phishing awareness

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