Security Awareness Executives

Are you part of the management or board of a company? Are there votes to start with Security Awareness? Or are you just wondering to what extent cybercrime can have an impact on your business? Then this Security Awareness Board training is exactly what you are looking for! The training charts the basic principles of IT security and day-to-day risks. We test the current status of your company and give advice on what working points you need to put on the agenda.

After the training you are able to take action in the fight against cybercrime. Experience shows us that it is useful to also have the IT manager / IT employee in the session.

The training is given in an approachable way by experienced Security experts so non-technical people can easily understand how to put proactive IT security on the agenda

Our philosophy is to let security awareness training be fully experienced from a hacker's perspective. No boring powerpoints, but passionate hackers at their best! Every training session is packed with practical examples and live hacking moments - that stick!


Here you can request available data for security awareness executives training at your office. These courses are given by ethical hackers. Using practical examples, they show to what extent cybercrime can have an impact on your business operations.


You can register here for classroom security awareness executives training. Find a suitable date and book your seat quickly! You will work together with other members of the board on various assignments under the supervision of a teacher.


Do you want to follow the training in a place that suits you? Then this online formula is the perfect solution! As in the classroom training, you will receive assignments and work under the supervision of a teacher.

security awareness executives

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