Security Workshops

Give your business an immediate Cybersecurity boost

After a minimal cybersecurity upgrade, many companies can stay out of the hands of hackers. Expensive cybersecurity experts trying to sell 101 solutions are an absolute mismatch here. We offer an immediate cybersecurity boost without the heavy costs.

Popular Cybersecurity Workshops

Cyber Security Awareness

Memorable awareness sessions with focus topics by the specific target audiences.

Hands-on Pentest

This workshop will enable you to pen test your own business environment in the future.

Incident Response Plan

In 6 steps we set up your cybersecurity incident response plan. In case it does go wrong.

Ransomware Resilience

We discuss all proactive measures you can take to prevent ransomware.

Cybersecurity Advisory

One-time or ad interim cybersecurity support and guidance as an extension of IT teams.

Cybersecurity Maturity Scan

Get insight into the quality of your cyber security in a quick and understandable way.

Cloudsecurity Check-up

Teleworking and migrations to the cloud bring security risks. We check everything thoroughly.

Workshop on Demand

We are open for specific assignments. No job is too big, no hacker's brain is too small.

What is the outcome?

In a self-paced workshop, you'll learn with independent advice from an ethical hacker to give your business an immediate cybersecurity boost - fully tailored to your environment. The hacker guides you to make your environment hacker-proof as quickly as possible.

That way, you meet all cybersecurity minimum requirements to secure your business and keep your employees safe online. Plus, you'll save fortunes by avoiding an overkill of cybersecurity solutions.

For whom is this suitable?

Our approach is suitable for all companies that want to start a cyber security improvement project, want professional guidance, or want to add temporary cyber security expertise to their IT team.

We take a low-threshold approach to every project and speak human language so that every IT professional can implement our advice.

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