Bet we can hack you?

The reality is, if you're reading this, you've surely been hacked, you are being hacked, or you will be hacked. Dull misery! Just think about it: your computer does not start anymore or all data has disappeared.
But there are also honest hackers. You can contact us to better protect your company. With your approval, we penetrate your company IT network in a controlled manner. Here we use the same Hacking & Phishing methods as the bad guys. We map all the leaks in your IT security, ranging from small data leaks from your staff to large gaps in your IT infrastructure. You will receive an independent report with accompanying certificate as well as advice to close the leaks.

Securing data with the GDPR legislation of May 2018 is more important than ever. If you never had a check done before, then it's a good time now. A user awareness session is always recommended.


Learn tricks from an ethical hacker to better protect your business.

Penetration Tests

Take the test to the sum. All tests are delivered with a valid certificate.

Phishing Tests

Send false e-mails to your employees to test their resistance.

Hack Busters

Our favorite tools to keep hackers out and protect your data.

Live Hacking

The WOW effect. Get the attention of your audience by hacking them.

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