Ethical Hacking & Phishing

Closing security gaps to protect your environment against hackers

Ethical Hacking and Phishing Services:

It's very brave of you to use one of our hackers. It's like a burglar controlling your house. Yet a burglar is the one who recognizes all weaknesses effortlessly. And so do our hackers. You will receive a report with a complete overview of all IT errors to correct them.

Classroom Training

Learn tricks from an ethical hacker to better protect your business.

Ethical Hacking

Take the test to the sum. All tests are delivered with a valid certificate.

Email Phishing

Send false e-mails to your employees to test their resistance.

Live Hacking

The WOW effect. Get the attention of your audience by hacking them.

Hack Busters

Our favorite tools to keep hackers out and protect your data.

If you read this, you have already been hacked, you will now be hacked, or you will still be hacked. That is the reality. Dull misery! Just think: your computer doesn't start anymore or all data has disappeared.

But there are also honest or ethical hackers. We can help you to better protect your company through Ethical Hacking. With your agreement, we penetrate your company network in a controlled manner. We use the same methods as the 'bad guys'. We map all leaks in your IT security, ranging from small data leaks in personnel to large holes in the IT infrastructure. You will receive an independent report with accompanying certificate and advice on how to close the leaks.

We also test the click behaviour of your employees via Phishing. From our phishing platform, we send hacked emails to check if the digital dangers are recognized. If not, we can link a security awareness session to this to create more cyber awareness among your employees.

Data security is more important than ever with the GDPR legislation since 25 May 2018. If you have never had an audit done before, now is a good time.

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