Hacking & Phishing Workshops

At your offices. At our office. On location.

Ethical Hacking

Start thinking like a hacker to beat one.

Phishing Awareness

Pick out the false e-mails using phishing indicators.

GDPR Analysis

What compliance steps do you need to take?

Incident Response

Who you going to call first in a cyber attack?

Webapp Security

80% of all web apps contain at least one leak.

We organize training sessions of 1/2 day or 1 day in different formats: in class, in-house and online.


The classroom trainings are organized in Ghent and you can book these through the registration links.
The price of a 1/2 day training is 395 euros per person (excluding VAT) and a 1-day training 790 euros per person (excluding VAT)


The price of an in-house training is based on 5 times the price for an individual (classroom) training. An in-house training can take up to 12 people, making the price per person very advantageous.


With our online formula you can follow every classroom training remote in a place that suits you best. By saving accommodation costs we offer a discount of 100 euros per person (excluding VAT) on every online training.

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