Live Hacking

Under the slogan "seeing is believing" our ethical hacker takes you into the history of hacking and explains how to hack, including a live hack demonstration! While he shows you how to hijack WiFi sessions as an attacker and take control of a computer or phone, someone in the room is the victim of his hack.

This demonstration impresses all viewers and shows how easy it is for hackers to get complete access to computers and phones in less than 5 minutes to steal passwords and login data. With this data the hacker can log on to other accounts of the victim and thus gradually gather more and more information such as bank card or personal data.

It is important to mention here that the live demonstration does not go beyond demonstrating that a telephone can be taken over without actually stealing data (that is illegal).

This demonstration can also serve as an introduction to your security awareness program or as an attention session during company days or team kick-offs. Contact us for further information and bookings via

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