Phishing Email Test

Through our phishing platform you can send unlimited false e-mails to your employees to test their click behavior. This way you can measure how resistant they are to hackers. The percentage that clicks on a phishing e-mail is often much higher than expected ... and hoped for.Don't wait to be phished - Sectricity

With our phishing platform you will efficiently improve your IT security without burdening your employees and without hitting huge budgets. You can get started immediately for a few euros! The SaaS platform is available 24/7 for all our customers. The only thing you need to start is a list of email addresses.

You can choose from dozens of templates in multiple languages ​​and you can also personalize all templates. It is perfectly possible that we plan the e-mails. After an intake call you will be assigned to an experienced campaign supervisor who will immediately start to select and schedule the right e-mails. This service is completely free.

After sending a few phishing e-mails, we see that the safety risk for our customers is decreasing considerably. This way we help to protect your company better.


Immediately getting started? Tick "ethical phishing" and state in your message how many employees you want to test. You can get started within 24 hours!


To help small companies we offer a ONE-TIME phishing test. Tick "ethical phishing" in the quotation form and state in your message how many employees you want to test.

Main benefits

  • Unlimited number of e-mails
  • Do not install anything yourself - Saas 24/7
  • Free managed service
  • Lifelike templates
  • Real-time reporting
  • Competitively priced

Direct results

  • Huge fall in security risks
  • Employee awareness level is rising
  • Involvement goes up
  • Weakest links are becoming stronger
  • Works motivating for everyone
  • Prices or certificates

Yes. Cybercriminals send fraudulent e-mails to fraud you or to secretly install malicious virus program on your computer. If you click on an attachment or link in a fake e-mail, you activate the installation of a virus program. Very current is the flood of ransomware viruses where all your files are encrypted in one go. Then the criminals ask a ransom to get your hostage files back.

By regularly scheduling phishing tests, you ensure that your employees recognize these fake e-mails and no longer click on the malicious link.

The number 1 to get ransomware through is a phishing email. According to recent reports, up to 93% of all ransomware victims! You can significantly reduce the risk of malicious e-mails by regularly doing a phishing test.

Time is also money for cybercriminals. They go for the simplest victims: your users. In recent years, thousands of companies around the world have started phishing tests on their own employees and users. IT professionals have recognized that this is urgently needed as an additional layer of security. Raising awareness and training is just as important as installing technical solutions such as antivirus and a firewall.

Regular phishing tests eventually change the click behaviour of your staff. That does require a continuous approach. In doing so, one certainly learns.

Together with technical IT security, security awareness sessions and phishing testing will minimize the risk of a successful ransomware attack. This way you avoid many breakdowns and recovery moments.

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