Ethical Hacking

Engage our ethical hackers to thoroughly check your IT infrastructure for security and data leaks. With our expert penetration tests, we simulate a hacking attack on your company network, websites, e-shops, databases or computers. We use the same methods and techniques as rogue hackers. We have 3 ethical hacks available per category - depending on the prior knowledge and background information you entrust us with:

  1. Black box test: without prior information about the environment
  2. Grey box test: with partial information about the environment (e.g. to access an application)
  3. White box test: with complete information about the environment

After the manual testing, you will receive an extensive report with recommendations, which we will explain during a debriefing call. This way, you know exactly where the weaknesses in your IT security lie and you can take the necessary measures immediately. (Have no illusions: we always find leaks!)

Do you need a pen test to comply with a certification standard? Do you want to test the current IT consultant or IT installer? Or does your customer or business partner request a test from an independent party? Then Sectricity is definitely a good choice! Compared to other suppliers, we offer the highest quality at the cheapest prices.

Popular Ethical Hacking


A penetration test on your corporate network shows whether hackers can penetrate your internal network. It also checks whether rogue employees or visitors can misuse data from within.


Websites, e-shops, portals or CRM systems are a gateway from the internet to sensitive data on your internal company network. Our pen test finds all vulnerabilities and advises the necessary countermeasures.


A penetration test is often a mandatory part of a certification or compliance process. Just think of the ISO 27001 certification. During this test, it is checked whether your company meets all the requirements.

Hacking facts and figures

Hacking is a serious problem for companies.

days it takes on average for a hack to be discovered
% of all hacking attacks can be easily prevented
% of digital burglaries have been patchable for more than 1 year

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