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The Importance Of Security Awareness Training

  Security Awareness Training (SAT) is becoming increasingly important for organizations. These training courses enable employees to better understand IT solutions and their relevance and to recognize potential problems more quickly. More and more companies are teaching their employees how to protect their own computers and personal and company information.…

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What is Security Awareness?

  Security awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding that individuals have about computer and network security, and the measures they take to protect against cyber threats. Employees need to have an awareness of information security as well as a sense of responsibility for it in order to prevent these…

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6 successful elements of Security Awareness

  Even the best attempts to improve security cannot compete with a good overall security culture within a company. In recent years, security awareness has become increasingly important. But what makes a Security Awareness program really successful? Get support from above By getting support from seniors, the CEO, or other…

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Why do companies pay for Ethical Hacking?

The term hacker often reminds us of a lonely person with a hood on, in the dark behind the computer. Someone who invades our daily lives reads our secrets and steals our money. Still, not all hackers are bad or out for money. There are also ethical hackers and experts…

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Why Ethical Hacking is vital Cyber Security

  Ethical hacking, also known as “white hat” hacking, is the use of hacking techniques to test and secure a computer system, network, or Web application. It is a vital tool for any business looking to protect its assets and customers from cyber threats. Here are some reasons why ethical…

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How to Build a Security Awareness Training Program

Establishing a security awareness training program is an important step all organizations should take to protect against cyber threats and data breaches. Educating employees on security best practices can help mitigate risks and keep your company and its sensitive data safe. Here are the steps to follow for a security…

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Why Regular Pentesting is Essential for Businesses

  In today’s business climate, cybersecurity is integral to any successful business. Companies need to be proactive in their approach to keeping their systems secure, and one of the best ways to do this is through regular pen testing. Pentesting, or penetration testing, is a method of testing networks and…

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What is a Pentest?

  Have you ever wondered what a pentest (or penetration test) is? It’s not something that many people are familiar with, but if you’re a business owner or security professional, it can be an invaluable tool in keeping your networks safe. In this blog post, we’ll break down what exactly…

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What is CEO fraud?

  CEO fraud is a phenomenon that has been circulating for a number of years at large institutions, but now also affects small companies and associations. With CEO fraud, a cybercriminal assumes the identity of the CEO in order to make payment requests to the executive secretary, the CFO or…

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Phishing in this new Corona Age

  Now that we all work from home and use email and WhatsApp more often, the number of Phishing messages circulating has increased significantly. From malicious emails posing as an official agency or well-known company to links to phishing websites forwarded via messaging, it’s very watchful in this new Corona…

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