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Security Awareness Training (SAT) is becoming increasingly important for organizations. These training courses enable employees to better understand IT solutions and their relevance and to recognize potential problems more quickly. More and more companies are teaching their employees how to protect their own computers and personal and company information. This goes beyond teaching IT specialists within the company. As system intrusions become more frequent, it is necessary to inform and train non-specialist employees. This increases awareness and reduces the risk of burglary.

The purpose of a Security Awareness Training

The aim is to teach employees crucial IT skills and to familiarize staff with the company’s IT policies. This will motivate employees to take data security seriously and allow them to be easily informed of the latest developments regarding intrusions, violations, threats, or attacks. By offering group training, employees can pick up the problem together and collectively find a solution.

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Strong Together

Publicizing the entire company with online safety is not an easy task. The training should explicitly explain that information security is important for everyone within the organization. In addition, it is necessary to repeat the training on a regular basis, because due to the rapidly developing market, policy measures are quickly outdated.

Don’t forget the Security Awareness Training for Managers!

Besides the employees, it is perhaps even more important for managers to be aware of IT security. For example, a manager has the responsibility to ensure that every employee has received proper training. In addition, he or she must ensure that every employee is committed as a team player for the company, in order for the company to be successful in the digital environment. The manager also has a monitoring role to ensure compliance with the company’s IT security policies. By taking a leading role, the manager can set an example for employees, which has a tremendously positive effect on the organization. By specifically training the managers in the IT area, greater awareness of current cybersecurity threats is created. Managers can then better anticipate this, in order to prevent possible break-ins.

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