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Even the best attempts to improve security cannot compete with a good overall security culture within a company. In recent years, security awareness has become increasingly important. But what makes a Security Awareness program really successful?

Get support from above

By getting support from seniors, the CEO, or other managers there is more freedom, more budget, and more support from other departments. It can sometimes be difficult to penetrate higher management. Therefore, make it clear that security awareness is crucial for the company and that it will always save costs in the long run. News articles with relevant information and tips can also work convincingly.

Collaborate with other departments

If step 1 is successful, it will be much easier to get other departments involved. For these departments, it is also very important that security awareness is implemented. In addition, for example, a department that monitors compliance with the company policy can be extremely useful. Among other things, they can spread information within the company about new measures.


Make it clear to the entire company why a security awareness program is relevant. If employees don’t see the value of something, we won’t be motivated to commit to it. Explain that improved security can prevent potential intrusions and provide recent and relevant examples to make it understandable and engaging for employees.

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Make success measurable

Success is only achieved when it can actually be proven. This can be done simply by doing a baseline measurement before starting the program and measuring the progress after different periods of time. This can be done for example by conducting a survey or by measuring the number of reported incidents. By making improvements measurable, the program is justified and proves its value.

Reward good behavior

By rewarding good behavior, employees are stimulated to get to work with the problem. This can be for example rewarding reporting of possible security incidents.

Use different awareness tools

By using various tools (e-learning, games, newsletters, posters, etc.), as many people as possible are addressed to actually get started with the problem.

In short, there are several ways to make a security awareness program a success. Take a good look at what suits your company and make sure that the striving for improved security is supported throughout the entire organization.

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