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Security awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding that individuals have about computer and network security, and the measures they take to protect against cyber threats. Employees need to have an awareness of information security as well as a sense of responsibility for it in order to prevent these attacks by taking precautionary measures like not sharing confidential data or clicking on suspicious links. Despite the best intentions, more than 90% of devastating cyber incidents are caused by human error – so employees must remain wary!

First, understand, then report

It’s not just about awareness, but also about understanding the potential threats. And more importantly, the impact of potential cyber-attacks on the company and its employees.

With greater understanding, action is also taken more quickly and appropriately. Employees know what incidents to report and can thus act more quickly on a potential threat.

Security Awareness Interactive Workshop

Help the IT department with Security Awareness

Employees are far from always aware of the crucial role they play in information security. They often think that everything is taken care of by the IT department or that virus scanners and firewalls provide sufficient security. Therefore, make sure you have a clear policy and an appropriate way to communicate it to all employees. By encouraging a different, better attitude toward data protection, more and more people will act in accordance with the new company measures. Because most people do not adopt this new attitude themselves, it is necessary to train employees in it. This is often done through Security Awareness Training.

Repetition of Security Awareness makes one learn

Security Awareness training is not a one-time action. On the contrary, it is necessary to continuously update knowledge and skills and continuously increase awareness. This can be achieved by applying various techniques in training sessions. For example, experiences with live hacking can be used to increase knowledge. Sending fictitious phishing emails provides a practical test and makes employees alert to possible intrusions and teaches them to recognize risks.

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