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Cybersecurity: the Human Factor

  Cyber security is essential in our increasingly digital world. With the rise of the Internet and the increasing use of technology, the number of cyber-attacks and data breaches is increasing. While technology plays a crucial role in protecting against cyber threats, it is important to understand that the human…

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Success and failure of Security Awareness

  There is a thin line between success and failure of security awareness. If we look at the effectiveness, we see that many of these projects, in companies that are not well-guided, fail or go completely wrong. The reason for this is that employees in general are not very willing…

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Using a Corona Phishing template?

  Hackers abuse the topicality of the coronavirus for their phishing emails. Do you have to do that as a business during your phishing exercise? Can you use a corona phishing template now? This question has been asked a lot the last few days. Supporters and opponents of a corona…

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Red Teaming Assessment: the missing Cybersecurity puzzle piece

  The risk of a hack is increasing every day, and red teaming is an effective method for identifying weaknesses in a company’s cybersecurity to improve resilience. In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of a red teaming assessment, where it fits into a cybersecurity strategy, and how often…

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Hacker Detection: vital Cybersecurity for safe business

  For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the consequences of cyber incidents can be devastating, leading to financial losses, reputational damage, or even closure. This is where our hacker detection plays a vital role. It ensures the security of your company’s internal network. The hacker detection kit provides real-time monitoring…

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Fortify the Defense: Use the Power of Anti-Phishing Training

  Phishing attacks, designed to trick people and extract sensitive information, pose a significant risk to the security of individuals and businesses. To effectively combat this growing threat, investing in Anti Phishing training is paramount. In this blog post, we explore the issues surrounding phishing attacks, highlight the importance of…

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Cybersecurity on wheels: the Security Awareness Escape Room Truck

  As the number of cyber-attacks increases, companies are using various techniques to make their employees aware of cyber security. One such technique is our security awareness escape room truck, which has gained popularity in recent years. In this blog post, we provide an overview of our mobile cybersecurity escape…

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The danger of SMS Phishing: how to protect against it?

  Today, phishing is becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. One form of phishing that is becoming more common is SMS phishing, also known as “smishing.” This form of scam uses text messages to trick people into giving away sensitive information or downloading malware to their devices. What is…

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7 tips to protect against Ransomware

  Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a victim’s files. The attackers then demand a ransom from the victim to restore access to the files for a fee. Ransomware attacks can be particularly devastating for businesses, resulting in disruptions to operations and financial losses. Follow these best practices to protect…

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How to prevent a Phishing attack

  A phishing attack is a common method by which cybercriminals attempt to steal sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial information, and personal data. These attacks often involve fake emails, websites or posts on social media that appear legitimate but are actually designed to trick people into giving away…

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