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Now that a lot of employees are working from home, we have to ask ourselves how well-trained they are in teleworking. Not all employees have extensive knowledge of IT and technology. Training in teleworking is therefore often recommended.

Train your employees in IT management (light version)

When employees work from home, they often do so on a laptop from work or in some cases even on their own laptop.
It is therefore important that your employees have at least a basic knowledge of IT so that they can solve small problems themselves. This basic knowledge also ensures that they don’t fall prey to scammers, phishing emails or links that contain viruses.
You can also set up a kind of hotline or send a Google Form to your employees with their pressing questions.

Using official collaboration tools

The big difference between working from home and working at the office is that we have to be much more resourceful at home. If your company hasn’t set up virtual desktops, you tend to use unofficial collaboration tools. At first glance, these programs, websites, and other tools seem like a real blessing. But if we take a closer look at the security of these programs, we often see that they are not really secure and that hackers or people with bad intentions can quickly steal data. It is, therefore, a good idea not to use these tools to share customer data and send other data such as payment details, financial figures, and other ”trade secrets” or sensitive documents only through official channels.

Train your employees in the field of cybersecurity

A warned man or woman is worth two – and that’s no different when it comes to cybersecurity. Inform your cybersecurity staff so they can learn more about how to recognize phishing emails or what to do if they have downloaded a virus. These workshops don’t have to take long and can be given perfectly via Zoom.

Compile a list of useful websites, collaboration tools, and programs

To make sure that your employees don’t start using collaboration tools and websites at random, you can make a list of websites, apps, and collaboration tools that you as a company are going to use while teleworking. This way everyone is on the same wavelength and workshops and learning moments about these tools and websites can easily take place.


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