Incident Response Plan

The Incident Response Plan 1/2 -day defines what a cyber attack is and outlines the incident response phases. The workshop discusses how information should be passed on to the right people, how to assess an incident, minimizing damage and response strategy, how to document, etc. Your Incident Response Plan will define responsibilities and establish procedures for picking up tasks in a cyber attack.

Have you ever thought about who to call when your company is faced with a cyber attack? This workshop gives you the answer to these and many more questions. Defending the digital perimeter is not enough. You have to assume that your company can also be the victim of a successful hacker attack. An effective plan to mitigate the consequences is no superfluous luxury at that time.


You can register here for the classroom Incident Respons Plan training. Find a suitable date and reserve your place quickly! You work with your fellow students on various assignments under the guidance of a teacher.


Do you want to follow the training online in a place that suits you? Then this virtual class-room formula is the perfect solution! Just like in the classroom training you receive assignments and you work under the guidance of a teacher.

incident response plan

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