Why Regular Pentesting is Essential for Businesses

By Yves | 19 Dec 2022

  In today’s business climate, cybersecurity is integral to any successful business. Companies need to be proactive in their approach to keeping their systems secure, and one of the best ways to do this is through regular pen testing. Pentesting, or penetration testing, is a method of testing networks and…

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Implementing a Human-centered Approach to Cybersecurity

By Yves | 17 Dec 2022

  Cybersecurity is an area that is constantly evolving, and it is important that organizations take the necessary steps to protect their data and systems from cyber-attacks. One of the most effective ways to do this is by implementing a human-centered approach to cybersecurity. In this blog, we discuss what…

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What to Know About Triple Extortion Ransomware

By Yves | 15 Dec 2022

  These days, nothing seems to be safe from cybercriminals. In particular, ransomware has become a major problem for both businesses and individuals. The latest development in this area is the so-called triple extortion ransomware, and if you don’t know what it is or how to protect against it, you could…

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How to Choose the Right Pentesting Partner?

By Yves | 12 Dec 2022

Security is a top priority for any organization, and critical in protecting valuable data from malicious actors. Pentesting offers the perfect solution to evaluate your IT system’s security – simulating attacks to uncover previously unknown weaknesses before they can be exploited by bad actors. But when selecting a pentesting partner…

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What is Security Awareness?

By Yves | 11 Dec 2022

  Security awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding that individuals have about computer and network security, and the measures they take to protect against cyber threats. Employees need to have an awareness of information security as well as a sense of responsibility for it in order to prevent these…

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What is a Pentest?

By Yves | 11 Dec 2022

  Have you ever wondered what a pentest (or penetration test) is? It’s not something that many people are familiar with, but if you’re a business owner or security professional, it can be an invaluable tool in keeping your networks safe. In this blog post, we’ll break down what exactly…

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What is Social Engineering?

By Yves | 11 Dec 2022

  If you’ve been hearing the term “social engineering” a lot lately, you’re not alone. It’s quickly becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the world of technology and cybersecurity. So, what exactly is social engineering? Let’s take a closer look. What Is Social Engineering? Social engineering is an…

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The 5 Benefits of Ethical Hacking

By Yves | 28 Nov 2022

  Ethical hacking is a process that empowers cybersecurity experts to examine your organization’s networks and systems to find vulnerabilities and potential threats before hackers do. Here are 5 benefits of performing regular ethical hacking exercises: Strengthen your defenses against outside attacks Discover vulnerabilities before hackers do Increase employee awareness…

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New employees: the weakest link in your organization?

By Yves | 28 Oct 2022

  As the saying goes, “The weakest link in the chain is the one that breaks it.” The same is true for your organization. If you have a new, inexperienced employee, they may be the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s why it’s so important to provide security…

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The ROI of your Security Awareness Program

By Yves | 03 Sep 2022

  One of the difficulties customers experience in the run-up to their security awareness program is determining ROI. How do you, as a company, find out how much money you will effectively earn back with your program? And when is that payback moment there? Determining ROI of your security awareness…

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