Penetration Tests

All penetration tests are carried out thoroughly and manually by Certified Ethical Hackers. Tests, where countermeasures have been taken, are delivered with a valid certificate. See here the different possibilities:


A penetration test on your corporate network shows whether hackers can penetrate your internal network. It also checks whether rogue employees or visitors can misuse data from within.


Through a wireless connection, hackers can easily get on your network. The signal can be picked up outside by criminals, so they can work remotely and quietly without being noticed.


More and more communication between our systems is wireless. With Software Defined Radio (SDR), the risks have also increased enormously. We map out all the risks for you (think of IoT devices).


Websites, e-shops, portals or CRM systems are a gateway from the internet to sensitive data on your internal company network. Our pen test finds all vulnerabilities and advises the necessary countermeasures.


Mobile apps also process sensitive data and are linked to other (web) services in various ways. A penetration test examines all possible connections of the devices and services.


Everyone is already working in the cloud or considering going to the cloud. But are the links to your own environment secure? Maybe they create unforeseen security flaws and there are data leaks?


A penetration test is often a mandatory part of a certification or compliance process. Just think of the ISO 27001 or GDPR certification. During this pen test, it is checked whether your company meets all the requirements.


Industrial systems such as SCADA are increasingly being linked to the Internet and corporate networks. Usually, they do not have optimal security, making them an interesting target for hackers.


Through pro-active and in-depth forensic analyses, we provide answers to the questions "is there malware present in the environment", "have I (already) been hacked" or "are there systems that leak information".

Hacking facts & figures

Hacking is a serious problem for companies.

days it takes on average for a hack to be discovered
% of all hacking attacks can be easily prevented
% of digital burglaries have been patchable for more than 1 year

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