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Cybersecurity on wheels: the Security Awareness Escape Room Truck

  As the number of cyber-attacks increases, companies are using various techniques to make their employees aware of cyber security. One such technique is our security awareness escape room truck, which has gained popularity in recent years. In this blog post, we provide an overview of our mobile cybersecurity escape…

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What are Hackers and How to Protect Yourself?

Welcome to our comprehensive blog post on hackers and hacking. In this article, we’ll take you into the complex world of hackers. We’ll delve deeper into what a hacker is exactly, explore the different types of hackers and their motivations, and provide valuable insights on how to protect yourself from…

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What is CEO fraud?

  CEO fraud is a phenomenon that has been circulating for a number of years at large institutions, but now also affects small companies and associations. With CEO fraud, a cybercriminal assumes the identity of the CEO in order to make payment requests to the executive secretary, the CFO or…

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Are your employees trained on Teleworking?

  Now that a lot of employees are working from home, we have to ask ourselves how well-trained they are in teleworking. Not all employees have extensive knowledge of IT and technology. Training in teleworking is therefore often recommended. Train your employees in IT management (light version) When employees work…

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Tips to protect against CEO fraud

  CEO fraud, also known as “business email compromise“, is a type of cybercrime that involves criminals posing as the CEO or another high-level executive in order to trick employees into transferring money or divulging sensitive information. It can be a serious threat to businesses, as it can result in…

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New employees: the weakest link in your organization?

  As the saying goes, “The weakest link in the chain is the one that breaks it.” The same is true for your organization. If you have a new, inexperienced employee, they may be the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s why it’s so important to provide security…

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Why do companies pay for Ethical Hacking?

The term hacker often reminds us of a lonely person with a hood on, in the dark behind the computer. Someone who invades our daily lives reads our secrets and steals our money. Still, not all hackers are bad or out for money. There are also ethical hackers and experts…

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Summer vacation: Hackers remain active and operational

Although summer is synonymous with relaxation and vacation for many, it is important to realize that hackers do not adhere to seasonal breaks. In fact, they actually exploit human error more during these periods. Therefore, we recommend that companies conduct penetration tests even during the summer months to mitigate the…

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Why Interactive Security Awareness Workshops Are Successful

  Interactive security awareness workshops are an effective approach to security awareness training because they allow for greater attendee engagement and participation. Key benefits of interactive security awareness workshops include: Active learning: These allow participants to actively engage with the material, rather than simply listening to a lecture. This can…

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10 Signs You’ve Been Hacked: Protecting Your Digital Identity

  With more and more personal and sensitive information being stored online, cyber attacks are becoming more common. Hacking can lead to identity theft, financial loss, and damage to your online reputation. To avoid becoming a victim of a hacking incident, it is important to know the signs and take…

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