Security Consulting

Cybersecurity consulting for companies

Most businesses need a minimal cybersecurity upgrade to stay out of the hands of hackers. Expensive cybersecurity specialists who also try to sell 101 solutions are an absolute mismatch here.

We have found that this discourages many companies from taking the necessary precautions and making minimal investments in cybersecurity. Many of them, therefore, go out of business sooner or later during a hacker attack.

Popular Cybersecurity Consulting Assignments

Cybersecurity Advisory

One-off or temporary support for your cybersecurity boost with implementation guidance.

Cybersecurity Plan

We go through all the steps from A to Z and draw up your cybersecurity plan with all the requirements.

Ransomware Prevention

We discuss all proactive measures you can take to prevent ransomware.

Incident Response

In 6 steps we set up your cybersecurity incident response plan. In case it does go wrong.

Cloudsecurity Check-up

Teleworking and migrations to the cloud bring security risks. We check everything thoroughly.

Workshop on Demand

We are open for specific assignments. No job is too big, no hacker's brain is too small.

What is the outcome?

For whom is this suitable?

Our approach is suitable for all companies that want to start a Cybersecurity Readiness Program or have already started their own and now want professional adjustment.

We take a low-threshold approach to every project and speak the human language so that every system manager can carry out our advice.