Security Packages

Get your credits for human-centered Cybersecurity

We offer several credit packages to give you price certainty, facilitate you to make one internal budget request, and are very flexible when it comes to our on-call services! Don't see what you're looking for? Don't panic, we also work by items, of course.

Covers 5 Credits

Social Engineering

€ 4.975,-
  • CV-portal Test (2 credits)
  • Mystery Guest (2 credits)
  • Phishing Test (1 credit)
  • Smishing Test (1 credit)
  • Vishing Test (1 credit)
  • USB-drop Test (1 credit)
  • Knowledge Test (1 credit)
Covers 15 Credits

Security Awareness

€ 14.975,-
  • Escape Room (large) (7 credits)
  • Escape Room (small) (4 credits)
  • Session for Developers (2 credits)
  • Session for Directors (1 credit)
  • Session for Employees (1 credit)
  • Session Anti-Phishing (1 credit)
  • Session for IT Pros (1 credit)
  • Session for HR/Finance (1 credit)
  • Knowledge Test (1 credit)
Covers 12 Credits

Ethical Hacking

€ 19.975,-
  • Red Teaming (6 credits)
  • Combined Pentest (3 credits)
  • Hands-on Pentest (2 credits)
  • Internal Pentest (2 credits)
  • Secure Laptop (2 credits)
  • Hacker Detection Kit (2 credits)
  • External Pentest (1 credits)
  • Wifi Pentest (1 credits)
  • Vulnerability Scan (1 credits)

The advantages of working with credit packages

With our credit packages, we work according to the principle of a strip card. This allows you to purchase training blocks or pentest-as-a-service at a fixed rate, where each credit or strip equals one training block or pentest moment.

This allows you to schedule training or pen testing at your own pace without price increases in between. So, everything comes on one invoice and a fixed economical price. Want to know more? We'd love to tell you more about it!


A favorable rate and no interim price increases


One single invoice and one single budget request


Services on demand with flexible scheduling


Can be used up to 3 years from purchase date