GDPR Penetration Test

The GDPR recommends assessing applications and IT infrastructure security risks and to test the effectiveness of security controls regularly. Hacker testing and regular vulnerability scans can meet this recommendation.

If infringement reports are legally required (no later than 72 hours after the hack), it is useful to be able to present the certificate of a hacker test as evidence that you have indeed taken measures.

After the GDPR Security Test, you will receive a report with recommendations to address the weak points in your network and computer systems to protect your personal data.

New obligations of the GDPR

  • The mandatory implementation of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • The obligation for organizations to establish a privacy policy.
  • Documentation obligation for personal processing.

Sectricity checks the security risks of privacy-sensitive IT systems on the basis of an independent security investigation. It also checks whether these systems comply with the new European data protection legislation.

Together with our partners we offer full GDPR guidance for every company. Read more about the GDPR workshop here.

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