Cyber Insurance

Digital developments are rapid and the risk of your company facing devastating cyber attacks is high. Because the impact can be enormous, many companies choose to take out cyber insurance through Sectricity. This will protect your company against cybercrime, ransomware, data leaks or other cyber incidents. This ensures the digital data flow and the continuity of your business. In 2020, cyber insurance is just as self-evident as car insurance for your company vehicles.

The new European Data Directive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can also give rise to taking out cyber insurance. This legislation applies from 25 May 2018 and imposes strict standards for the handling of private data. Infringements will be punished with high fines, up to 4% of the total annual turnover. This is also covered by cyber insurance.

Sectricity cyber insurance

Technical assistance

In the first instance, the insurance offers technical assistance. As an insured person, you can call an emergency number day and night. There you will get a top expert on the line. If a solution can not be found by telephone, someone will be on site.

Cover financial damage

If your company incurs financial damage, you are insured. Just think of a webshop that does not do it anymore, order processing that stops, an accounting that is gone, customer databases that are gone, etc.

Damage to third parties

The damage to a third party is insured. For example, when privacy-sensitive data is stolen and a liability claim is filed against your company.

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