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There is a thin line between success and failure of security awareness. If we look at the effectiveness, we see that many of these projects, in companies that are not well-guided, fail or go completely wrong. The reason for this is that employees in general are not very willing to learn and management itself does not see cybersecurity awareness as a priority. There are no hard figures attached to awareness – no return on investment, no profit – it is an investment whose positive results are difficult to measure. As an IT and HR department, how can you make management and especially employees aware of the importance of security awareness? Here are a few tips.

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Demonstrate the need for security awareness

Do you find it difficult to convince management to do security awareness? It is important to mention the need for cybersecurity awareness during management meetings. After all, you can’t wait for something bad to happen, such as a data breach or a hack. During your meeting, you can simulate a data breach, hack, or even a ransomware infection to demonstrate the importance of security awareness.

Show the employees that they can also use the knowledge at home.

To get employees excited about security awareness you can show them that they can use the knowledge they gain during the training or workshop at home. Private computers also have to deal with hacks, viruses, and ransomware attacks.

Make sure that the training takes place at the employee level.

When training employees in cybersecurity awareness, it is important to do this at the level of the employee and to link this to their function. Of course, you will not have to explain to an IT department what a virus is, while this can be interesting for the people of HR, marketing, or the ladies at the reception desk.

In addition, it is also very nice to make the security awareness specific, so that they can use the knowledge in their daily work.

Security awareness improves cooperation between companies

Today, many modern companies need a guarantee that their data is stored and processed in a secure manner during a collaboration (cf. GDPR). This means that it is a plus that your staff is trained in security awareness. In this way, you can not only improve the cooperation between companies, but you can also build up your image and brand as a reliable company.

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