Coronavirus Homeworkers: ideal prey for hackers

In this time of crisis, everyone is advised to work from home as much as possible, which brings with it the necessary problems… Hackers are lurking to take advantage of security problems and stiff web applications. Meanwhile, Telco’s indicate an explosive increase in the number of homeworkers. Here are our top 3 homework security problems:


Phishing is already the most popular form of hacking and that’s no different in times of homework and corona. Corona is no longer just a health problem… We see many new types of phishing and viruses with this name. Hackers are excellent psychologists and respond perfectly to current events. So pay attention to Corona messages!

Coronavirus Homeworkers ideal prey for hackers - Sectricity

Social Media

Over the past few days, many screenshots of #remotework conference calls have surfaced on Instagram and Facebook. With the message: we continue to work as a company and colleagues. However, the (mostly unsecured) link can be read openly on the screenshots. Of course, hackers can also log in and follow meetings. Bad idea!Overloaded configurations

A lot of people are rushing to work from home… And hurry and rush are seldom good! Especially when it comes to digital security. There can be a lot of wrong configurations in the cloud and there are also all kinds of VPN solutions and remote workspace setups where mistakes are made by rushing. Hackers love it when you give them a hand!

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