Mystery Guest

How far does an unannounced visitor enter your company?

A mysterious guest or unannounced visitor just walk into your company. Is this person addressed and asked who he is and what he will do? Our 'Mystery Guest' service tests the security of your company and checks if everyone keeps to the agreements.

How do we work?

With your approval, we pretend to be someone else, for example, an employee of the electricity supplier and try to physically penetrate as far as possible into your company. In doing so, we map out all "data leaks" or security risks. This can range from confidential information lying around unguarded, such as 'post-its' on computer screens with passwords on them or files left behind at the printer to access badges on the desks.

After our visit, we make a follow-up appointment for the extensive report. This way you know exactly which gaps in the company's security or procedures you need to address.


Because you want to know whether the measures are taken and the investments made are actually being applied (as they should be). Just think of the efficiency of camera systems or the alertness of private security officers ... Just test it.


You can also use our report as a reference to increase your employees' security awareness.

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