Security Awareness Videos

Convincing security awareness videos to raise awareness among employees.

An awareness update or simply bite-sized learning snacks that can be played on any device? Then these videos are the ideal solution!

This training material is in the form of short and inspiring awareness videos that help you inform your employees about possible dangers.

You can host the security awareness videos yourself but we also offer a simple, hosted learning platform with which you can get started in a few minutes.

In our videos, we strive to make viewers aware of possible security problems, how to fix them and why they would like to do so.

Our dynamics of innovation, creativity, humor and security make our videos unique.

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They are accessible and easy to follow by non-technical staff.

All videos have a voice-over, making translations into different languages easy.

Our awareness videos are perfectly tailored to current compliance needs. The video series is continuously updated to provide each customer with relevant, high-quality and engaging videos.

How to use?

As security awareness micro-learning

To support training or e-learning

On different screens in the company building

How to order?

Please state the following in your request for quotation:

  1. Whether you want the complete video series or only for specific subjects
  2. For how many users and in which languages you want to use the video series
  3. Whether personalisation is required, such as your own logo, voice-over and subtitles

Keep in mind that you will have to plan a few weeks in advance if you want personalisation and/or several languages. Be on time and contact us today for more information!


  • Short and inspiring videos
  • Phased approach possible per theme
  • Directly available on any device
  • On your own LMS or via our hosting
  • Maximum results


  • Password usage
  • Data leaks
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Vishing
  • Access control
  • Free WiFi
  • Clean desk
  • CEO Fraud
  • ...

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