Security Awareness Storytelling Cartoons

Our Security Awareness Storytelling Cartoons are a unique experience. We motivate the participants with an immersive experience and also enable them to feel more emotionally connected with the subject.

The episodes are based on recent hacks about which there is a lot to read in the press, and we make this a catchy story. Telling stories is a powerful technique that will keep your staff interested and will look forward to every new episode.

In any case, we turn a boring subject into a fascinating experience and draw the full attention. A nice story that "lingers" is in any case much more easily digested than the umpteenth boring board session.

The Security Awareness Storytelling Cartoons are available in Dutch, French and English. Other languages are on request.


  1. Stories create an emotional bond
  2. Short and recognizable (2 min - real event)
  3. Stories are low-threshold and entertaining
  4. Both for large companies and SMEs

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