Security Awareness Agent

Do you need a professional Security Awareness Agent who organizes, monitors, and adjusts your program? That's possible! This expert is your fixed point of contact during the campaign and also a guarantee of success!

Our Awareness officers have a background in communication, marketing, education and training, sales, or public relations. With their social, communication, and collaboration skills, they make each program succeed.

They like to work with people, communicate smoothly and ensure that all employees understand the security requirements and ultimately follow them. Time (communicating with other people and coordinating their work) is the most decisive success factor of security awareness programs.

Many programs run aground because it is led by people with a technical or IT security background. This is irrelevant and can even constitute an obstacle. The greater the IT security expertise, the worse the knowledge transfer (because it is assumed that others have the same knowledge and skills). This is known as "the curse of knowledge."

Technical experts know the technical problems through and through but cannot manage or communicate the risks caused by human error. So you need a soft skills expert or awareness officer for this.

You can hire a Security Awareness Agent on a temporary or long-term basis. You decide which support you want.

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