Security Awareness Measurement

To effectively know the level of awareness among your staff, you can perform various measurements. You quickly find out if they are safe with company information and how resistant they are to the hackers' tricks.

At the start of a security awareness training you start with a baseline measurement. Each employee is assigned a start score without having followed the training. This way you can easily monitor individual progress and plan the necessary action points.

In addition to the baseline measurement, there is also an effect-measurement. This measurement consists of an online questionnaire and social engineering. Social engineering can consist of a phishing test (via e-mail or telephone), a USB test or a mystery guest. Different combinations are possible.

What does a measurement do?

  • provides insight into the current level of awareness among your staff
  • gives a start score to measure individual progress
  • allows to test different awareness skills
  • gives a measurable end result

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