Security Awareness Accessories

No campaign without security awareness accessories! We embellish your action or campaign with posters, videos, gadgets, flashes, you name it. A great deal of importance is attached to the visual aspect and the power of repetition.

The more someone gets a message or sees a poster about phishing, the stronger it will play in someone's thoughts. This is a basic principle of advertising that also applies to security awareness.


For each theme you can hang posters in your company to focus on a certain security awareness topic. Visually strong material is a nice addition to the current campaigns and also releases the tongues. You get the involvement of your staff optima forma.

Our posters are available in different sizes and are constantly being updated.

Video Message Manager

Without support from the management, every security awareness action is doomed to fail. But if you get support from the start with a video announcement from the Manager, all participants are double motivated to actively participate.

In a short message of 100 seconds, the Manager can explain why the awareness campaign takes place and how important it is for the company that everyone deals with company data in a safe way.

The message is tailored to your company culture and management style.

Webcam cover

Give your staff a nice webcam cover with your company logo on it. It's a good moment to announce your awareness campaign and you are making the do-it-yourselfers - with homemade 'post-it webcam covers' - very happy.

A small gesture, but well thought through, because not only do you block hackers who abuse the built-in webcam on corporate laptops, you also ensure that the webcam cover will always remind computer users that they need to work in a safe way. Handy.

Awareness flashes

To keep current security awareness campaigns up to date, we can send short awareness flashes. The content can vary from tips to current events.

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