Pentest Subscription

Everyone now knows what the GDPR legislation requires from companies. But how do you show that you have the security in order? You do that with the Sectricity pentest subscription. We have our ethical hackers periodically run tests to identify vulnerabilities, configuration errors and weak passwords.

You receive an accessible report every quarter that we discuss together. On the basis of the pentest report you can easily determine which security actions deserve priority. It is a low-cost solution that costs little time and provides security.

In this way you not only get a snapshot of your IT security but you can also demonstrate that certain measures have helped to resolve vulnerabilities. We also clearly indicate whether certain issues deviate from the recommended security standards within the EU regulations.

Divide your hour credit yourself

You determine the spending of the hour credit of your subscription yourself. You can opt for a small or a more extensive pentest depending on the need. For example, you can have a new website checked before it comes live, or when a major change has been made in your network. After a manual test, our ethical hacker will share his report with findings and recommendations with you.


Do you want to make this service available for your own customers? Then contact us. Our security & privacy awareness and phishing services can also be part of this subscription.


Request your subscription here. Check "pentest" and indicate how many URLs and IPs you want tested together with the desired start date of your pentest subscription.


Request your GDPR pen test here. Check "pentest" and indicate how many URLs and IPs you want tested together with the desired start date of your GDPR pentest.

Main benefits

  • Security check-up with every change
  • Independent advice
  • Low-threshold reporting
  • Competitively priced

Direct results

  • Continuous safe environment
  • Issues immediately solved
  • Direct measures
  • No hole in your budget

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