Malware Bytes

Advanced ransomware protection

The latest security technology from Malwarebytes optimally protects companies against ransomware and viruses. Malwarebytes acts against unprecedented attacks where other security solutions do not notice anything. The platform combines multiple patented technologies to proactively protect your company against unknown and known threats. Malwarebytes makes in many cases antivirus redundant.

Stops and removes ransomware immediately

Malwarebytes bundles the most effective security and recovery technology into one powerful solution. It is a combination of malware detection and recovery, access blocking to malicious websites and protection against misuse of vulnerabilities (exploits). From 1 central platform you can manage all your devices.

Malwarebytes is suitable for both small and large companies and is compatible with all existing antivirus installations. It installs easily and has strong reporting options. This way you benefit not only from protection against new threats, but also from a company-wide overview of security.

Core technologies


  • Proactive scanning engine for malware
  • Takes up little space
  • Protection against malicious websites
  • Three scanning modes
  • Compatible with existing security solutions


  • Protects against vulnerable applications and browsers
  • 4 attack protection layers
  • Particularly light: 3 MB without signature database
  • Compatible with all anti-malware and anti-virus products
  • Customizable protection for third-party apps

Management console

  • Multiple client management (up to thousands per console)
  • Push installation
  • Policy rules for different user groups
  • Integration and sync with Active Directory
  • Virtual user simulator
  • Email notifications

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