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When I worked for IT security vendors, it was painful to see that no matter how well we protected companies with the best security solutions, they were still being hacked. With all the disastrous cyber damage and costs that that would entail... Big or small, they all made the same mistake: they forgot to address the human side of cybersecurity.

Only by also addressing the human factor of IT security can companies arm themselves against hackers and data leaks.

Hackers always choose the path of least resistance - and that's not the technology, but the people themselves. Suppose the front door is locked, but the window is still open, then they come through the window. For hackers, the willingness, digital laziness and nonchalance of people is a gift from heaven.

Customers increasingly asked me if I could really make their business resistant to ransomware, phishing and cyberattacks by letting their people act the right way.

So I was thinking, on the one hand, to organise convincing cyber awareness sessions for different staff groups to improve their knowledge of good digital behaviour and, on the other hand, to independently screen the entire business environment of customers to detect security and data breaches.

No specific services were available from Belgium or the Netherlands for this purpose. That and also because I wanted to offer a solution to stop hackers before these companies could close down for a long time, I decided to do something about it.

From 2017, this conviction is translated into concrete action: Sectricity makes your company and your people resistant to ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks. We guarantee an immediate improvement of the cybersecurity in your company!

We came up with original and attractive cybersecurity awareness sessions that really stick. Tailor-made and according to the corporate culture of our customers. In addition, we test company networks just like hackers during a cyber attack, but to be able to close the gaps instead of closing down the company. We provide an independent report with a clear score and advice.

In addition to the fascinating sessions and independent advice reports, our portfolio also includes phishing tests, security awareness e-learning and videos, live hacking demos, cybersecurity escape games and game-driven learning.

Sectricity knows better than anyone how to make an unattractive topic interesting. Never too technical, never an excess of information, never boring...

We challenge the participants and make sure that they can store the information effortlessly.

Quite an achievement in times of information stress and corona...

Give us a try, we will gladly accept your challenge.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Founder Sectricity

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