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After years of working for large IT companies, my colleagues and I always came to the same conclusion: companies that only invest in technical IT security solutions remain the victim of hackers. With all the disastrous consequences this has...

Only by also addressing the human factor of IT security can companies avoid data leaks.

Hackers always choose the path of least resistance. Suppose the front door is pot tight and the window is not locked, they will pass through the window. The willingness and digital laziness of people are also a gift from heaven for hackers. And we wanted to offer a suitable solution for that!

This conviction has been turned into action since 2017: Sectricity improves security awareness and test the IT security of companies. 

We came up with original and attractive security awareness sessions that really stick. Tailor-made and in accordance with the corporate culture of our clients. Besides lasting sessions, our portfolio consists of e-learning, videos, live hacking demos, ethical hacking, simulated phishing attacks, cybersecurity escapes and game-driven learning.

Sectricity knows like no other how to make an unattractive subject fascinating. Never too technical, never an overload of information, never boring...

We challenge and make sure that participants save the information effortlessly.

A big achievement in times of information stress...

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Founder Sectricity

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