Ransomware Data Recovery

We can help you with:

  1. Determining recovery - Our specialists analyze your unique situation to find the most secure and cost-efficient solution to recover your files
  2. Decrypt data - We will find out whether a decryption key exists for your ransomware infection or whether one can be made. If decoding is possible, we ensure that you are operational again quickly and safely.
  3. Ransom management - As a last resort, we can help you with Bitcoins and manage this process safely without your personal data falling into the hands of the virus-makers.

Each case is unique. Only by thoroughly evaluating your case can we determine the appropriate decoding method.

Free fast ransomware analysis

Victims of the ransom virus can send 3 encrypted files together with the ransomware notes (usually in html or txt format) to info@sectricity.com for a free ransomware analysis. This process is fast and within 4 working hours after registration we contact you to report the first results.

No recovery, no costs

This is your guarantee! If we can not restore the data, then we do not charge any costs for the efforts made. If we can restore your data, you will receive a quote. After approval, we continue restoring the data.

Successful repairs

Our goal: to restore your infected files as quickly as possible so that you lose a minimum of valuable time. Meanwhile, we have been able to help different customers within 24 hours! From one-man business to Enterprise.

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