Hacker Alarm

Grab hackers who intrude

Our internal hacker alarm system helps IT departments to catch hackers who still break in despite all the other cybersecurity solutions present. By luring them into the trap and shutting them down immediately, they certainly can't go unnoticed for a longer period of time. It is a highly effective detection system linked to an agility contract.

How do we work?

Specifically, we do this by simulating an environment of hackable computers and servers with which we fool hackers and distract them from your real servers and data. While we distract the hacker, we immediately notify you of the attack. This allows you to react immediately by blocking the attack, sealing the leak, performing updates and closing open ports in your network.

Who is this suitable for?

For small to large companies, we have suitable packages available to get started right away. It is possible to expand at any time. All packages contain virtual honeypots, a cloud portal, agile support and updates. There are no hidden costs.


Hacker Alert

Track down hackers that are already inside and be alerted immediately if you are hacked despite all security solutions installed.


The sensors are passive and do not collect or read data. Because the solution is not 'in-line', the network is not disrupted in any way.


It is easily installed in your network and after a short configuration of the VMs (VMware or Hyper-V), everything is ready.

Always Up-to-date

Thanks to our update system, your network is almost always safe from attack, even if these security flaws only just exist.


Available as Software-as-a-Service and deployable to numerous network hubs worldwide (regardless of the number of users).

Agile Support

If your systems are hacked, you will be notified immediately to disable the intruder. Our hackers will help you plug the security breach.