Security Awareness, Hacking and Phishing

Our mission: make your staff resistant to ransomware, phishing and cyber attacks

You can also count on us during the corona crisis. Take care of yourself!

Security Awareness

+90% of brutal cyberattacks are due to human error

Having a firewall and antivirus software is important, but employees who surf, email and work with mobile devices, USB sticks and personal information also contribute to cybersecurity and are your most crucial line of defence.

Hacking & Phishing

Ever tested how quickly hackers "get into" your company?

With your approval we hack your network, websites, e-shops, databases or other IT components. We chart all leaks and provide independent advice. This way you can take the necessary measures to better protect your company.

Ethical Hacks

Our guarantee: immediate improvement of the cyber security of your staff!

We are very proud of all our customers.

There are now more than 350 of them. And they represent every conceivable sector. Here are a few:

Belchim Crop Protection
Roger & Roger
Port of Antwerp
VERA autonoom provinciebedrijf
VW Financial Services
Delta Light
Balta Group
Dobco Medical Systems
House of HR
Vlerick Business School
TUI fly

Our approach for Security Awareness


We test the cyber awareness and the resistance of your employees.


After the baseline results, we will present you with the right group training or e-learning.


After completing a training course your employees are security aware.

Our philosophy is to let security awareness training be fully experienced from a hacker's perspective. No boring powerpoints, but passionate hackers at their best! Every training session is packed with practical examples and live hacking moments - that stick!

Our approach for Ethical Hacking


We detect all data leaks in your IT environment. From the outside or from the inside.


We provide an independent report that explains how to resolve the security issues.


After you have taken the necessary measures, your environment is safe.

It's very brave of you to use one of our hackers. It's like a burglar controlling your house. Yet a burglar is the one who recognizes all weaknesses effortlessly. And so do our hackers. You will receive a report with a complete overview of all IT errors to correct them.

Our approach for Phishing


Our platform sends false e-mails to check which employees are clicking on them.


We repeat the phishing exercises until everyone shows a better click behaviour.


After the campaign your employees will e-mail safely and recognize dangers.

Every employee will receive phishing emails sooner or later. No wonder, because it's the easiest way for hackers to penetrate a corporate network. After our phishing tests, you'll know how vulnerable your business is. You'll also find out where the digital illiterate are located to train them in time.

"More than 90% of all ruthless cyber attacks are the result of human error."

Sectricity achieves beautiful results in a crystal clear way!

What Customers Say

Extremely successful security awareness workshop. Very interesting and all the participants were very enthusiastic.

Learning to think like a hacker is fascinating! After the workshop, I found and solved a lot of weaknesses.

The Security Awareness programme is a real hit. Our employees are super-enthusiastic!

Even the marketing department was jealous of the phishing layout. No less than 70% of them clicked on the baseline measurement.

It was clear that the trainer is truly an expert in his profession. Definitely a plus.

The many examples and real-life cases make the training interactive and fascinating. The trainer had the attention of the audience for the full 3.5 hours.

A real eye-opener for that awareness session. Extremely professional and good knowledge transfer. Top-trainer and top-service!

Initially, only a certificate was needed for a potential customer... but so much more crucial information came out of the hacker test.

A lot of variety and innovative material with excellent guidance = a successful campaign.

I've read and heard a lot about it, but I couldn't really imagine any practical examples. So this one does. Learned a lot...

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