Boring Security Awareness stops here!

Hackers make it easy for themselves by attacking personnel instead of IT infrastructure. Avoiding firewalls and virus scanners is a big job, but it is a piece of cake to trap people.

As long as you do not address the knowledge side, it is only a matter of time until you are hacked. Companies that do security awareness are therefore much more armed against hackers than companies that do not.

We make this unattractive subject a fascinating experience for all employees and attract their full attention. It is our advice - in times of Cryptolockers and GDPR legislation - to schedule an awareness session for staff at least once or twice a year. This way you can avoid a lot of hacker misery.

Cyber criminals do not sit still, so why would you?

Classroom Training

Suitable sessions for everyone - from receptionist to management.


Online security awareness on every device, every location and every moment of the day.


Short and inspiring videos for instant results. Choose any topic and personalise.

Training Games

Fun and exciting battle with colleagues who are already learning in a playful way.


Set up your awareness yourself according to budget, time and enthusiasm.

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