Security Awareness CxO

Curious to know to what extent cybercrime can have an impact on your business operations and what you can do about it? After this training you will be able to take action for your company in the fight against cybercrime.

Security Awareness Developers

Develop secure code according to the principle "security by design" or according to OWASP 10? Then this is exactly what you are looking for! After this training development teams can develop secure code for your company or on behalf of third parties.

Security Awareness Staff

This introductory training is suitable for everyone, from the receptionist to the CEO. After this training your staff will be able to recognize and report daily computer risks.

Security Awareness Managers

As a manager you have a role model. After this training you will be able to guide your team in the fight against cybercrime and play a more active role to keep your company safe.

Security Awareness IT Professionals

This session deals in detail with the latest cyber risks, hacking techniques and what measures you can take as an IT professional. After the training you will be able to take action for your company in the fight against cybercrime.

Security Awareness Team

Do you wish to run a successful campaign in your company? One that "sticks" with your staff? In this session we go through all the stages of how to do that from A-Z. In this way you can get to work tailored to your company.

Phishing Awareness

Do you want your staff to be able to recognize and report suspicious messages in time to prevent cyber misery? Then you're in the right place with this session in which all the indicators of recent phishing emails are addressed by means of numerous live hacking.

Secure Teleworking

Working from home is the new standard but also brings a lot of new risks! After this session, your staff will be up to date. Risks are easily recognized and everyone can telework safely.

Sectricity was founded in 2017 by Yves Van Tongerloo. What started as a sporadic service with ethical hackers has since grown into a solid value in Belgium and the Netherlands.

With our network organisation we have already reached more than three hundred and fifty customers from all possible sectors.

Most of them are local companies, with or without foreign departments. We make your staff aware of ''cyber security'' and close the gaps in your IT security.


Specialised in the human side of cyber security

Although some companies are armed from head to toe with cybersecurity solutions, they are simply hacked.

That's because 90% of all brutal cyber intrusions are the result of human error.

Whether it's due to a lack of cybersecurity awareness on the part of staff, or due to gaps in IT security (which has also been set up by humans). 

We solve this problem by offering original and attractive cybersecurity awareness sessions that really stick.

And on the other hand, we give companies a clear score on how their business environment scores against hackers. 

Passion for quality and technology.

In everything we do, we are driven by a boundless passion for quality and technology. That's why we work together for each client in small, specialized, self-managing teams. We keep the lines short so that we can achieve the best results.

Innovation and technology are just as important to us at Sectricity! That's why we think it's important that all teams use the latest techniques to stay one step ahead of hackers and let our customers enjoy this.